The crypto community’s rush towards TMS Network (TMSN)

TMS Network (TMSN) has seen a skyrocketing demand since its presale began. TMS Network (TMSN) is a decentralised exchange platform that offers crypto, derivatives, and CFDs on a crypto-based trading platform, making it a popular investment option amongst investors. TMS Network (TMSN) is unique in the sense that it focuses on investor education through educational videos that can be used with their analytical tools, chart tools, etc.

Being a Ethereum-backed platform, TMS Network (TMSN) features transparency, scalability, speed, and efficiency. The token holders of TMS Network (TMSN) can enjoy governance rights, and trading commissions, amongst other perks.

The first-stage presale rally of TMS Network (TMSN) has witnessed whooping sales of tokens worth $500k. In its second stage, which has already reached 50% completion, investors can buy TMSN tokens at $0.046. With its decentralised technology and one stop diversified trading solution, TMSN is bound to be used on a global scale by millions of users, leading experts to believe that its presale is one of the best investment options of 2023.

Ripple (XRP) struggles for investor attention

The declining popularity of Ripple (XRP) in the market can be pinned on the SEC lawsuit that company is facing. Ripple (XRP) gained popularity for its quick cross-border payment mechanism. However, this popularity was diminished in December 2020, when the SEC accused Ripple (XRP) of selling XRP worth $1.38 billion, which led to a crypto winter for Ripple (XRP). Though the management of Ripple (XRP) has denied these claims, the performance of XRP in the market has not been impressive. Due to the ongoing legal battle, there is a cloud of uncertainty surrounding Ripple (XRP), because of which it is not able to attract investors and increase its user base, as the overall outlook is bearish. Ripple (XRP) is currently trading at $0.55452212.

Waves (WAVES) Unable to meet expectations

Waves (WAVES) is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to create and customise their own crypto tokens. Waves (WAVES) was created by Sasha Ivanov, a Russian entrepreneur, with the aim of simplifying the crypto trading process. After its launch in 2016, the initial offering raised around $22 million. The Waves (WAVES) platform helps users create their tokens and regulate them. The assets created by users on Waves (WAVES) are subject to the built-in Waves exchange. The Waves (WAVES) platform essentially operates on a two-node system, and utilises a combination of POS and LPoS technologies.

Waves (WAVES) has witnessed a bearish sentiment in the market, with a price fall of 4.37% in the past 7 days. The live price of Waves (WAVES) as of today is $2.13.


TMS Network (TMSN) has showcased a spectacular presale rally leading to an enormous increase in value. Investors from the crypto community are in a rush to secure TMSN tokens in its presale rally, leading to a surge in its demand. Investors that have not yet gotten their hands on what could be the next big thing in the crypto market should hurry to secure their TMSN tokens at the earliest.

While TMSN soars, Ripple (XRP) and Waves (WAVES) have not witnessed such a bullish sentiment in the market, and are struggling to attract investors.

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