This year's edition of SIL, which takes place again at FIL promises to “heat up the sector”, while sharing new projects. “It takes place at a particularly challenging time, which is why a great deal of support from the main players, as well as the general public, is expected”, says a statement from the organisation of the event, which is promoted by the AIP Foundation and is co-organised with the Lisbon City Council.

“SIL asserts itself as the great marketplace of the real estate sector in Portugal in terms of the promotion and mediation of new real estate projects, being the meeting point for professionals, investors and anyone looking for an opportunity in the real estate sector”.

Stressing that “the volume of business generated during the event is an indicator of its success”, the organisation of SIL adds that “it will continue with a strategy of internationalisation and dynamisation of B2B and B2C meetings”.

“The main current issues that on the agenda for the real estate sector will also be discussed, marked by an economic context of uncertainty due to the war, the high inflation rate, the rise in interest rates, and the consequent decrease in purchasing power, while also highlighting the new package of measures for the housing sector”.

What to expect from SIL 2023?

As in previous editions, emphasis will be placed on the fact that in SIL 2023 “increasing importance” will continue to be given to cities in attracting national investment and foreign investment, which is seen as an important driver of economic and social development.

“Urban environments are a real challenge for the real estate sector, with new concepts and requirements emerging that put the sector's ability to adapt to the test. In this sense, SIL Cidades proposes to highlight themes such as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)”.

Another highlight of the fair is the delivery of the SIL Real Estate Awards, with the 2022 edition registering more than fifty applications.

“The SIL Real Estate Awards annually distinguish excellence in Real Estate. The objective is to distinguish and reward personalities, companies, solutions, entities and projects that stood out for their competence and quality”, concludes the organisation.