The Ria Formosa Natural Park Co-Management Commission (PNRF), of which AMAL is a member, has launched two questionnaires, one aimed at people residing or working in the Park area and the other aimed at visitors, with the aim of gathering opinions on this protected area, which can be taken into account when planning future actions.

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This initiative is part of the current co-management model for nationally protected areas, which aims to imprint a dynamic approach to management based on proximity and sustainability. To this end, different entities put at the service of the protected area the best they have to offer within the framework of their powers and attributions, putting into practice participatory, collaborative and articulated management in each area, focusing specifically on the fields of promotion, awareness and communication.

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Questionnaires, for residents and visitors, seek answers to various topics and make it possible to discover people's views on the functioning of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, its importance for the region, as well as collect contributions for measures to be implemented in the future.

Responses are completely anonymous and can be sent until April 15th.

Survey for residents/workers:

Questionnaire for visitors/tourists: