The decision of the government to cease golden visas being issued is being considered by constitutionalists as unconstitutional, essentially for violating the principle of safeguarding trust and the legitimate expectations of citizens.

Jorge Miranda, a professor, explains to Jornal de Negócios that the State has a “duty of good faith”, and that “in any case, reasonable periods of 'vacatio legis'” must be ensured, that is, between the publication of the law and its entry into force.

For the constitutionalist, the Government's proposal "affects the guarantee and confidence of those directly interested" and in it "does not even contemplate a period of 'vacatio legis'", so "it suffers from material unconstitutionality".

The experts consulted by the publication therefore consider that the legislator should "adopt a transitional regime that ensures that the implementation of the new measures is done gradually and deferred over time".