Lisbon continues to attract celebrity homeowners according to a report by idealista, with Nicole Kidman joining the list of John Malkovich, Monica Belluci, Michael Fassbender, Eric Cantona and Christian Louboutin who have already bought homes in the capital.

Australian actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, New Zealand singer Keith Urban, have reportedly fallen in love with Lisbon and have bought an apartment in one of the riverside areas of the capital, specifically in Parque das Nações (Expo). The news was initially shared by Correio da Manhã, with TVI later confirming the information with a source from Lisbon City Council. No further details about the transaction are known for now.

According to Flash! magazine, some of the major Hollywood studios are prospecting the market in the area surrounding Lisbon in order to have a large studio in the region for their productions, something that is increasingly expensive in other countries.