“We try to do something that appeals not only to the older generations, but also to the younger ones, and invite people who are not part of the community to learn about our culture and the contributions of Portuguese immigrants in the central valley”, said Elaina Vieira, president of the Carlos Vieira Foundation.

The fourth edition of the event takes place on April 22nd and 23rd and will feature some highlights including a performance from Brazilian artist, Alex Ferrari, and art exhibitions by two Portuguese-American artists.

“We are excited to get closer to the Brazilian community because we want to invite everyone to be part of this festival”, said Elaina Vieira. “We know that there are people from the Brazilian community around these parts and some have already come to our festival, but we hope that having a Brazilian artist will attract more Brazilians from the area”.

Founder Carlos Vieira's parents emigrated from the Azores to Brazil before settling permanently in California, and the Brazilian food stalls that participated in the previous edition were well received.

Alex Ferrari will be one of several guests who will enliven the festivities, along with the comedy trio The Portuguese Kids and Portuguese singer Jorge Ferreira.

“We are going to have a cheese and wine tasting, a cultural exhibition, exhibitions of philharmonic bands and folk groups and a part of the popular fair”, described Elaina Vieira. The event will have around 50 to 60 food and handicraft stalls, including Fagundes Meats and Avila Imports, and a cultural exhibition hall where Fado will also be sung.

Admission is free on Saturday. On Sunday, April 23, the focus will be on the bloodless bullfight, which costs $15 to enter. Proceeds revert to the solidarity cause “Race for Autism”, with which the Carlos Vieira Foundation helps families with autistic children.

“We are excited to be back and we appreciate the support of the Portuguese community”, stressed the president, who in previous editions saw the event attract thousands of participants.