"Everything is prepared for us to receive many thousands of people, we have taken care of the conditions to watch this great event, and also all the logistics inherent in a great event like this," he said.

Scheduled for May 12, the Arganil classification of the Rally of Portugal is being prepared in detail by the municipality of Arganil, which expects a flood along the vertiginous and mythical stretches of the Serra do Açor.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the mayor explained that some interventions are being completed, which were necessary to take care of "in the area of the race and in the sections of dirt".

"They always need some improvement after the consequences of winters and the deterioration that winter causes on dirt roads," he added.

To help fans plan the big day of the rally, the municipality has created a Spectator's Guide, which will be available in paper and online format, where you can consult all the necessary information to arrive, watch and live the great emotions of this sport, containing reference to the times of the passages, location and paths to follow to reach the areas intended for the public, as well as the traffic conditions and some curiosities that "help to tell the story of this mythical classification, which made the village of Arganil world famous.

To receive the public safely, three Show Zones have been prepared, "strategically positioned", to provide fans of the sport with the best views and, unlike previous editions, car access to these areas will be made without any time restriction.

It will also be possible to park closer to the section, since "the roads will be cut closer to the race area, freeing up space along the road".

Fans of the sport can also count on kiosks and bars in the areas intended for the public, as well as along the access to the section.

Luís Paulo Costa also highlighted the positive impact that the Rally of Portugal has on the economy of the municipality of Arganil, as well as the effect it has on the promotion of the territory.

"It effectively has a long-term return, as it projects the municipality, both inside and outside of its doors, and also throughout the year. It allows us to contribute to the dynamic of the territory to attract people, having a positive effect on our local economy, both in restaurants and hotels," he concluded.

Rally of Portugal returned to Arganil in 2019 after an 18-year absence from the Centro region.

Since the inaugural edition of the race, in 1967, Arganil stood out for the exigency and hardness of the sections, which was the scene of memorable fights and duels that became decisive for the outcome not only of the Rally of Portugal, but also of the World Rally Championship.