“Roasted goat from Condeixa is the best in Portugal!” is the motto of the new edition of the gastronomic festival, which emphasizes the quality of goat pastures, between the fertile lands of Baixo Mondego and the limestone mountains of Serra de Sicó.

The mayor of the City Council, Nuno Moita, told journalists, in the presentation of the initiative, that it mobilises 12 restaurants, four less than in 2022, and that the municipality considered “cost containment” in the incentives for the program, given the current economic situation.

In this way, it pays for 10 goats for each of the participating companies, to enhance the gastronomy of the municipality and the Intermunicipal Community (CIM) of the Region of Coimbra.

Last year, guests at Semana do Cabrito de Condeixa paid 15 euros for a dish of roasted goat, a price that in this edition has risen to €17,50, including the drink, an escarpiada (a local dessert of bread, brown sugar and cinnamon) and a coffee.

For the leader of CIM, Emílio Torrão, also president of the neighbouring municipality of Montemor-o-Velho, roast goat “is one more product to enhance the gastronomy” of the Region of Coimbra, which is comprised of 19 municipalities.