At the moment, in addition to the five options advanced by the Government: Portela+Montijo; Montijo+Portela; hook; Portela +Santarém; Santarém, the Portela+Alcochete options were added; Portela+Pegões; and Rio Frio+Poceirão, totalling seven locations and nine strategic options.

The mayor also declined to indicate the solution he prefers so as not to condition the Independent Technical Commission, listing only the important criteria for Lisbon residents when choosing a location for the future airport: proximity between 20 to 30 kilometres from the city, speed of solution “because it has to be done quickly” and environmental concerns.

According to the mayor of Lisbon, some of the solutions presented will take six or seven years to be implemented, in which case he defends an intermediate solution, which should involve improvement works at Humberto Delgado Airport.

The mayor recalled that the Government promised work at the airport, which so far has not happened, and urged the executive to "demand these works".