One of the elements of the organisation, Kelly Tanoco, told Lusa News Agency that "the festival began in 2012" in the town in the municipality of Olhão, Faro district, has been held for 11 years, and "always works in the context of traditional Portuguese-speaking countries culture, with rhythms from some countries in Africa, such as Angola, Cape Verde or Mozambique, but also from Brazil and Portugal."

"It is a music and dance festival, throughout the day there will be workshops with these rhythms, and in the evening the concerts are held," Tanoco said, recalling that in 2020 and 2021 there was a halt in the festival due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The festival has the theme "resist" this year and Kelly Tanoco explained that this choice was made in opposition to last year's edition, which had "saudade" as its motto, after the stoppage because of the pandemic.

"The theme saudade was a choice for obvious reasons, because everyone missed being in the festival, which last year was very easy to organise. This year it is more difficult, because everything is more expensive and has made the organisation more complicated," she said, adding that in 2022, 70,000 euros were spent and this year the costs are "almost double" and already exceed 120,000 euros.