The launch of this new communication product coincides with World Portuguese Language Day, which is celebrated on Friday, in a format that seeks to deepen themes such as climate change, peace, security and human rights.

According to UN News, in the first programme, Guterres takes advantage of the interview to talk about his reading habits in Portuguese, but also to recall several of his meetings with heads of state and government of Portuguese-speaking countries.

In this podcast, which has an interactive format, António Guterres answers questions posed by users of the UN News service from various countries and continents.

In the conversation, Guterres defends the importance of the Portuguese language to create bridges between nations.

“I think that Portuguese-speaking countries are in an excellent position to be a bridge that brings together the various States in the understanding that we need to make some profound reforms so that there is more justice and more equality in the world”, says the UN secretary general, in the program that will be made available on Friday.

Guterres even cited the advantages of being able to hold conversations in his mother tongue.

“I have spoken with leaders of Portuguese-speaking African countries. I have spoken with Brazilian and Timorese leaders in Portuguese. That is always, for me, a great pleasure. I remember, with a vivid memory, the conversations I had with [Brazilian] President Fernando Henrique, with (Brazilian) President Lula [da Silva]”, explained the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

“I also remember the conversations I had, so recently, with President Lourenço of Angola, who is playing a fantastic role in creating conditions for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, there are many situations where I am lucky enough to be able to speak with my interlocutor in a language, which we both know, therefore avoiding misunderstandings (laughs)”, he added.

Starting this week and at a weekly pace, the new podcast promises to give voice to interviewees in Portuguese, to talk about the challenges of the world.

In the second episode, the interviewee will be Felipe Neto, a popular Brazilian businessman, actor, comedian and 'youtuber', who has more than 45 million followers on social networks.