Built by West Cliffs Resort Company and Century 21 Portugal and sponsored by Oxy Capital, West Cliffs will house 261 plots and 469 habitations, split into three zones of a wide array of types: from standalone houses to row houses, townhouses and apartments. The common areas will feature various attractions such as a golf course, private beach access, a pedestrian trail, many equipped game fields, two hotels, a lookout, a bar, a restaurant, as well as support installations for the golf and resort.

The concept for this resort’s design aims to align itself with the surrounding nature and become a natural extension of the region’s unique landscape. West Cliffs is totally fenced, with 24h security surveillance and a wide range of services on offer, including, in the first phase of launch, reception, a restaurant, bar, 18-hole golf course, golf shop, office building and other support services. Upon full completion, the resort will also include 2 5-star hotels, a spa, pools, sports grounds, a supermarket, a convenience store, a laundromat, among others.

Pedro Pinto, representative of Century21 Porta-Sim, concluded, in a press release sent to The Portugal News, “This venture is a great opportunity for Century21 Porta Sim, considering how we’re totally involved in the project, we have a deep knowledge of this area and we feel perfectly integrated in this type of market. The potential of this project is huge, taking into account the demand for a 2nd home, or even a main home, in this part of the market.”