The Madeiran leader revealed, on the official page of the Regional Government, that “the week, in terms of tourist attractiveness, has been exceptional. People have been taking walks around the island, visiting the Flower pavilion and the Central Plate, the floral carpets”, emphasising that “we have had a party atmosphere and we want the locals and our visitors to feel comfortable and feel, in the case of those who are visiting, a land with exceptional conditions for the tourist industry”.

The government official highlighted that “on the weekend of May 19th to 21st, we will also have a lot of people here, because it will be the exhibition of the classics “Madeira Classic Car Revival”.

It should be noted that in the first week of the Flower Festival, Madeira had an occupancy rate of 94%, “which is excellent, but we didn’t even notice it, because, in fact, the year 2022 and, now, 2023 have been exceptional,” said Miguel Albuquerque.