Online travel agent, weloveholidays has now revealed the most passionate Eurovision Song Contest fans in Europe, based on social media sentiment.

Looking at social listening data, Portugal is home to the biggest Eurovision fans with a positive sentiment of 37.7%, closely followed by Italy (36.6%) and Belarus (36.4%). The winner of last year’s contest, Ukraine, secures fourth place with 33.1%.

Even though Australia is not part of Europe, it is still home to some passionate Eurovision fans (33%). The country was invited to join the competition in 2015, having competed every year since and almost winning in 2016, eventually coming in second.

Dr. Jan Kuklinski, Managing Director at weloveholidays, comments on the research: “The Eurovision Song Contest is not just a televised music festival but also evidence that different countries, nationalities, and cultures can come together to celebrate each other’s differences.”

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