José Luís Carneiro, who was speaking to journalists in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the Porto district, on the side lines of the opening session of the conference “The Demographic Winter - The Role of Immigration”, said that “it is not true that there are fewer means” this year compared to the previous one and listed the recent reinforcements.

"Until today, 14 aircraft were operating and today 14 more have entered. Four helicopters and two 'Canadairs' are missing", he said.

The Special Device for Combating Rural Fires (DECIR) for this year was presented in April and accounted for 34 air means for the period from 15 to 31 May, but for today, as the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) told Lusa, only 23 air means are guaranteed.

According to the minister, the FAP is in the market "doing everything it can to find more resources".

“I spoke this morning with the Minister of National Defence. The president of the National Civil Protection Authority is in the European Union with his European colleagues to seek to have these means. We had 60 air assets in 2022 and our goal is to reach 72 aircraft, but they are not available on the market,” said the minister.

José Luís Carneiro said that “air resources are scarce across Europe” due to the war that is being experienced in Ukraine and reiterated the idea that the Government “is doing everything”.

The minister also insisted on the call for responsible behaviour: "Air means can only be effective, as well as all other resources, namely human resources, if we have attitudes and behaviours of great responsibility".