“The municipality of Lagoa was, during the past weekend, the target of a cyberattack that left the entire computer system down, a situation that continues to this day”.

According to the Câmara, the cyberattack began on Saturday afternoon and “was completed during the early hours of Sunday”, having been “stolen over 600 megabytes of documents belonging to the municipality and the entire system was brought down”.

In the note, the municipality indicates that the Judiciary Police, with the “collaboration of its international counterparts”, has already started investigations and is taking all steps to identify “the author of this crime”.

The Câmara guarantees that efforts are being made by the municipal teams to “try to recover the internal system”, with the priorities being “restoring the public service”, in all its areas, and the accounting and financial services of the municipality, to “guarantee the payment of wages to employees”.

“Despite all the efforts of the teams involved, it is not possible to estimate a date for the restoration of services. A fact for which we present our apology and appeal for the understanding of all citizens”.