The Government's proposal to make some refinements to the renewal (every two years) of those already granted and to determine that "new applications for residence permits relating to investments or support for artistic production, recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage on which a declaration by GEPAC was issued prior to the entry into force of this law".

Conversion of commercial properties into housing

The possibility of automatically changing the use of commercial properties or services into residential properties is envisaged, eliminating the need to review land use plans or housing licenses, provided that costs are controlled.

Land or buildings made available to housing cooperatives

The Government also plans to make land or public buildings available to housing cooperatives for construction, or reconversion into affordable rental homes.

Simplified licensing

Architectural projects will now be licensed only based on the designers' term of responsibility and public entities will be penalised in case of delays in issuing opinions.

€250 million for affordable housing

The program foresees the approval of a line of credit, with mutual guarantee and interest rate subsidy, for affordable housing projects, namely construction or rehabilitation and for the acquisition of the property, having to be placed on the rental market.

The houses promoted with recourse to this support are allocated to affordable lease for at least 25 years, with a longer period being able to be set in the lease contract, after which the municipalities and the IHRU have preemptive rights in the acquisition of the same.

Entities that can compete for this measure are cooperatives, commercial civil construction societies, municipalities and charities or other institutions of social solidarity.