José Luís Carneiro was speaking at the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers in which the Government approved a diploma on the “amendment of legal provisions for elections to the European Parliament”, which will then be discussed and voted on in the Assembly of the Republic.

With the opposition of Portugal, the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union announced that the next European elections will take place between June 6th and 9th, 2024.

Before the journalists, the holder of the Internal Administration portfolio presented measures to combat abstention in this electoral act, highlighting the mobility vote in any part of the country and the reissue of the early vote on Sunday prior to the electoral act, but, for reasons of security, ruled out the possibility of electronic voting.

With regard to mobile voting, the Minister of Internal Administration pointed out that in the 2024 European elections, anywhere in the national territory or abroad, in any place where Portugal has consular or diplomatic jurisdictions, citizens will be able to exercise their electoral right, regardless of in the area where they are.

Tourist hotspots such as municipalities in the Algarve, the Alentejo coast or Madeira are some of the points that could be the target of a deployment of polling stations.