The analysis shows that, compared with the reference value, obtained by the average of the period 1971-2000, there was an increase in temperature in all measuring stations, with the exception of Viana do Castelo, with frequent deviations from plus 1ºC to plus 2, 3ºC.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Pordata, the statistical database of the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, in collaboration with the Portuguese Environment Agency, created a portrait of the country's evolution in various environmental issues.

The numbers show, for example, that the cities of Bragança, Castelo Branco, Lisbon, and Beja had the highest average temperatures of the last 50 years last year.

Comparing the average temperature in the 70s with that of the 2010-2019 decade, the temperature difference in Porto, Beja, Faro, and Funchal was at least 1.5ºC.

Regarding precipitation, the numbers do not reveal major differences, with periods of little rain occurring regularly between 1960 and 2022.