Situations were recorded "in the municipalities of Ponta Delgada, Lagoa and Povoação and are related to falling trees and falling structures, with no personal injuries recorded", adds the Azorean Civil Protection.

The Azorean Civil Protection advises the population to continue to adopt self-protection measures, taking into account the weather forecasts.


The bad weather is also affecting the air connections for SATA Air Açores, which provides inter-island flights, and has led to "the cancellation of some connections this morning", according to a source from the Azorean airline.

Due to weather conditions, this morning's Azores Airlines flight, bound for Ponta Delgada, from Boston (United States of America), had to divert to Lisbon.

Another Azores Airlines flight, from Toronto (Canada) and which should have landed at 06:40 in Ponta Delgada, had to divert to Terceira Island, due to bad weather.

The IPMA issued an orange warning, the second most serious on the scale, for the islands in the eastern group, until 12:00 pm today, taking into account precipitation, sometimes heavy, which could be accompanied by thunderstorms.

The islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria are still under an orange warning, until 12:00 today, due to strong winds.

For the central group, the IPMA issued yellow warnings, until 00:00 on Wednesday, due to heavy accompanied by thunderstorms.