Chef Marcio Silva, is an amazing chef!

Located on the 1st floor, The Market has a bar, a restaurant, and a very large terrace, overlooking the sea and the Strip. Fun to watch all the (young) people walking by from upstairs.

Author: Peter Cruiming;

The restaurant looks very good. Owner Jorge Mateus, who hails from the North of Portugal, has had the restaurant for 27 years. He is proud of it, and I can understand that! He personally greets all guests every night and makes sure everyone is not short of anything.

Author: Peter Cruiming;

The service is friendly and quick.

Vegan Menu

Besides the regular menu, there is a vegan menu, as Jorge was getting more and more demand for it. And especially when you have a lot of groups like him, there are always a few vegetarians or vegans among them. By now, this generates around 10% extra turnover!

Main course prices range from 14.90 - 24.90.

Author: Peter Cruiming;

Great chef

Chef Marcio Silva is a great chef. What he prepares you could also expect in a Michelin-star restaurant, only here you pay much less for it. Previously, he worked in such renowned establishments as Grande Real Santa Eulalia, Tivoli Hotel and Vila VitaPark.

We start with a delicious white wine (€5).

This is followed by a fantastic bruschetta (6.50 euros), with tomato, carrot, onion, caper and beetroot humus. Not only does it look amazing, it is also the tastiest bruschetta I have ever had!

Author: Peter Cruiming;

Next is the main course, a delicious ravioli filled with seitan (18 euro), with a fantastic sauce of pumpkin and tomatoes. Wonderful!

Author: Peter Cruiming;

And for dessert, I had a vegan cheesecake (8.90 euros) of cashew nuts with raspberries! Yummy!

Author: Peter Cruiming;

I'll be honest, being at the bottom of the strip, I wasn't expecting much. But how wrong I was! One of the most delicious meals I've had in the Algarve!

An absolute must-stop if you are in Albufeira!


Opening hours:

18:00–22:00 (7 days a week)

Rating: Food 9.0 Service 8.5 Price/Quality 9.0 Atmosphere 8.0 TTL rating 8.6

Vegan friendly: 5/5

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