Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was speaking at the Association of the Portuguese Community of Pretoria, at the end of the celebrations for the Day of Portugal in South Africa, which began on Monday, in Cape Town, and also passed through Johannesburg.

The head of state spoke on stage and addressed the Portuguese emigrants and Portuguese descendants present in the room: "We are the biggest and best country in the world".

"We were the first in Europe to cross the oceans and touch every continent" he continued.

The President of the Republic pointed out that Portuguese is "the second most spoken language in the southern hemisphere, the second most used language in digital, the fifth most used language in the world", with a "community of Portuguese official language in all the continents bathed by all the oceans".

The President of the Republic portrayed Portuguese emigrants as part of "a very old history", with "a very defined identity", who are "creating Portugal every day", wherever they are.