This is the conclusion of the most recent annual report on bathing water, prepared by the European Environment Agency in cooperation with the European Commission, which reveals that, in Portugal, 565 bathing waters (corresponding to 84.8%) out of a total of 666 analysed had an excellent rating, taking into account the performance in 2022.

Portugal had, in 2021, a proportion of 88.5% of bathing water with excellent quality (compared to a total of 652) and in 2020 this percentage was 89.2% (in 630) and in 2019 it was 91.5% (at 614).

In 2022, the European average among European countries was 85.7% in 2022.

In the press release, the European Commission highlights that “most bathing areas in Europe met the strictest standards of excellent water quality in the European Union in 2022”.

Bathing water is classified according to quality according to the microbiological parameters defined in the European directive.

Furthermore, bathing water quality in coastal waters is generally better than inland waters, due to more frequent renewal and greater self-purification capacity, while inland waters are more susceptible to short-term pollution caused by heavy summer rains.

For this report, 21,973 bathing areas across Europe were monitored in the 2022 season, including the 27 EU Member States, but also Albania and Switzerland.