In the sala de estar, sit on the sofá, watch televisão, or grab a livro from the estante if you like to ler. It’s best to find a seat near a parede with a tomada, if you like to read under a candeeiro.

In the cozinha, grab some food from the frigorífico and the despensa, and prepare it on the bancada. Cook the food on the fogão, in the forno, or in the micro-ondas. When it’s time to clean-up, put the pratos in the máquina de lavar loiça, or wash them by hand in the lava-loiça.

In the casa de banho, you can tomar um duche, tomar banho, or style your hair in front of the espelho. After you use the sanita, don’t forget to wash your hands at the lavatório and dry them on a toalha.

In your quarto, you can store your roupa in the roupeiro. To add some life to the room, put some cortinados in the janelas, or some quadros or fotografias on the paredes. You can sleep on a cama de casal or a cama de solteiro. Some people use 1 almofada, while others use 2. When the weather is colder, use a cobertor or an edredão. If it’s hot, maybe you’ll only need a lençol. If you like it dark at night, don’t forget to turn off the luz with the interruptor, and close the estores.

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