Promoted by the Algarve council, the festival features performances by Jamaican Horace Andy, Syrian Omar Souleyman, Malian duo Amadou & Mariam and Cape Verdean Bulimundo, but also by the Portuguese Pedro Mafama, Bandua, Sétima Legião, Sara Correia, Club Makumba, Lavoisier and Bateu Matou.

Brazilians Amaro Freitas and Bia Ferreira, Onipa, a band that brings together Ghanaian and British musicians, Italians BandaAdriatica, the Franco-Moroccan AYWA and the North American Sarah McCoy are other artists who will be present during the four days of the event, which on Sunday will have an "open day" with free admission.

The MED Festival has been organised by Loulé Municipal Council since 2004 and aims to provide residents and visitors with access to "different and unique music", promoting multiculturalism, cultural dynamism and the promotion of culture from countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

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