“No local accommodation license will be withdrawn from anyone. They will be suspended for new local accommodation only in high-density territories”, guaranteed António Costa Silva in the parliamentary committee on Economy, Public Works, Planning and Housing.

In low-density areas, which include 165 municipalities and around 70 parishes, the AL will continue to develop.

The Minister of Economy also highlighted that the municipalities will have a “more active role”, underlining that there has to be a balance between housing, local accommodation, industry and commerce.

"The discussion will continue and we will see if in the end we have a balanced package," he said.

Golden visas

With regard to the subject of 'golden visas', António Costa Silva noted that those that already exist and meet the requirements will continue.

He stated that the country is open to investment, namely foreign, thus emphasising that there must be mechanisms to attract that same investment.

Costa Silva recalled that the process of Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI) will end and that the authorisations, within the general regime, will continue.

“I think that at the end of this whole discussion, we will have a balanced and more consensual solution to allow the development of the entire economy”, he concluded.