The 'Recharge Nature' project aims to draw attention to climate change, which is happening faster in the Alps than the rest of the planet, making the highlands one of the most vulnerable areas.

The effects of climate change and global warming are already evident, and the "Recharge Nature" campaign wants to be an opportunity to rescue the heart of the Dolomites, but also to rethink tourism, educating travellers to be more responsible without sensationalist actions, but through small changes in everyday actions.

'Recharge Nature' offers the possibility of a free "extreme vacation" to recharge nature: five days in nature to compensate, through an experience completely outside your comfort zone.

The winner of the "Recharge Nature" competition will be awarded a week's vacation in the small village of Bramezza (on the slopes of Monte Sasso Bianco, overlooking Lake Alleghe and Monte Civetta), which currently has only one resident. Whoever is identified as the "worst tourist in the world" will stay in traditional accommodation, without amenities, accessible only on foot.

The "worst tourist in the world" will only be able to resort to energy sources found in nature and fully sustainable, will cultivate the land and will only eat food from "kilometre zero".

Through this unique experience, the winner will become aware of their own irresponsible behaviour which, along with that of so many others, contributes to a negative impact on the planet. In the company of experts and renowned personalities – who will join them during the experience.

How to participate?

Those who want to participate can register until the 30th of July, on the 'Recharge Nature' website. After entering the data, you will have to answer a questionnaire and then send a video presentation, which is not mandatory but highly recommended (it should last a maximum of 1 minute and be in mp4 format).