“We’re really grateful to The Food Co for all their support for the Soup Kitchen over the years,” Joy Borgan, who runs the Portimão Soup Kitchen, told The Portugal News. “This shop has been donating food to our soup kitchen ever since the supermarket opened and we are most grateful. They help us to provide about 600-700 meals per week.”

Food donated to the soup kitchen by this supermarket includes rice, tins of soup, sweet corn, hot dogs, tomatoes, peas, cans of tuna, noodles, cakes… The list goes on. “Whatever is on deal of the week is normally what they would collect,” Ian Lerner, a worker at the Portimão Soup Kitchen, explained. He shared how before Christmas the shop would donate Christmas chocolate selection boxes and mince pies.

“We collect Easter eggs for them too;” The Food Co Portimão shared in a press release about the donations. “Everyone deserves to have a treat, especially when it’s chocolate!”

“In particular, we would like to thank one member of staff called Karen B, who recently transferred from our Albufeira store and who can only be described as a ‘woman on a mission!’” TFC Portimão added to their statement. “Karen aims to fill a trolley everyday with donations and is doing an amazing job at completing this mission.”

“I have received probably 2000 tins of baked beans and 1000 tins of tomatoes,” Lerner revealed. “Not good for my back, but it does really depend on what’s on offer.” He notes that many customers in the store tend to take something from their own baskets and give it up for donation. “It really has amazed me that even in these difficult times people have shown such a generous and good side to human beings for a change.”

“They have been a fantastic support,” Joyce Borgan stated, “giving us everything from ice creams to yogurts to pork pies to ham and cheese. They have been very generous to us and really want to help people in their community.”


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