According to idealista news, families today live in a time when purchasing power is reduced and access to housing is more difficult. To be able to buy a house compatible with your income and pay an instalment on the lowest housing loan, there are many people who are starting to think of moving to the interior of the country.

Looking at the list of the 25 cheapest municipalities to buy a house in Portugal, Gavião, in the district of Portalegre, occupies the first place. Owners here tend to ask for on average, 401 euros per square meter (euros / m2), this being the cheapest value per m2 in the country to buy a house, the study points out.

It is followed by Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, in Guarda, where buying a house costs on average, 404 euros/m2 at the end of June 2023. Completing the top 5 are the municipalities of Nisa, in Portalegre (430 euros/m2), Penamacor, in Castelo Branco (436 euros/m2), and Celorico da Beira, in Guarda (443 euros/m2).

For less than 500 euros per m2 it is possible to buy a house still in the municipalities of Pinhel, in Guarda (448 euros/m2), Góis, in Coimbra (450 euros/m2), Sabugal, in Guarda (466 euros/m2), Sousel, in Portalegre (468 euros/m2), Castanheira de Pera, in Leiria (497 euros/m2), and Penacova, in Coimbra (497 euros/m2).

Houses for sale between 500 and 575 euros per square meter

The other 14 municipalities on the list have houses for sale for more than 500 euros/m2, as is the case of Crato, in Portalegre (504 euros/m2), Pampilhosa da Serra, in Coimbra (526 euros/m2), Mação, in Santarém (532 euros/m2), Fronteira, in Portalegre (542 euros/m2) and Melgaço, in Viana do Castelo (549 euros/m2).

Between 500 euros/m2 and 575 euros/m2 there are houses to buy in nine Portuguese municipalities. They are: Idanha-a-Nova, in Castelo Branco (552 euros/m2), Avis, in Portalegre (554 euros/m2), Gouveia, in Guarda (556 euros/m2), Campo Maior, in Portalegre (557 euros/m2), Penela, in Coimbra (558 euros/m2), Arganil, in Coimbra (566 euros/m2), Proença-a-Nova, in Castelo Branco (573 euros/m2) and Ansião, in Leiria (574 euros/m2).

In the last place of the ranking of the 25 cheapest municipalities to buy a house is the municipality of Alvaiázere, in Leiria, costing 576 euros/m2.

The most expensive municipalities to buy a house

The study conducted by idealista also found the five most exclusive places to buy a house in Portugal, that is, the most expensive. This is the top 5 of the most expensive counties to acquire a home in the country: Lisbon (5,351 euros/m2), Grândola (4,706 euros/m2), Cascais (4.627 euros/m2), Oeiras (3.967 euros/m2) and Loulé (3.842 euros/m2).