According to a statement by the organisation, MIL “returns to Lisbon between September 27th and 29th” for the 7th edition.

“The festival’s artistic program is sealed and offers over 50 concerts spread across many rooms in Cais do Sodré. The purpose is that of always, that being the discovery, promotion, valuing and internationalisation of contemporary pop music. As such, besides the music, hundreds of national and international professionals will gather in Lisbon to trade experiences, establish contacts and discover new artists with the public,” the statement reads.

The list of Portuguese artists confirmed for the 7th edition of MIL include Ana Lua Caiano, Papillon, Cobrafuma, Femme Falafel, Baile, Glockenwise, Lucy Val, 5ª Punkada, Hetta, Meia/Fé, bbb Hairdryer, João Borsch, April Marmara, Margarida Campelo, Libra, Ellah Barbosa, Ricardo Crávidá, and Napa.

Most of the confirmed foreign artists are coming from Brazil, Spain and France.

Julia Mestre, vocalist for Bala Desejo, Getúlio Abelha, Bebé, Leo Middea, Black Pantera, and Kaê Guajajara & Kandu are the Brazilian artists invited.

From Spain comes Paco Moreno, Tristan!, LaFrancessa, Amaia Miranda, Teo Planel and Eurowitch, and from France we have Jenys, Société Etrange, YMNK, Cuarto Mundo, Paper Tapes, Hanaa Ouassim and Widad Mjama feat. Khalil Epi.

The confirmed list of artists also includes William Araújo (Cape Verde), Jessica Winter (UK), Shoko Igarashi, Don Kapot and Gaiko (Belgium), Body of Pain (Czechia), Tex and Krissy Mary (Norway), Badtime and Comforter2 (Netherlands), and Dina Jashari (Macedonia).

The concerts will be split between the Musicbox, the Rotterdam, Time Out Studio, the Lounge, LISA, Titanic Sur Mer and B.Leza.

According to the organisation, “attentive to all these artists, various international festival programmers have confirmed their presence in Lisbon,” among which are Primavera Sound, BAM Festival (Spain), Nuits Sonores (França), MaMA Festival (France), SIM – São Paulo (Brazil) and Eurosonic Nooderslag (Netherlands).

Tickets to the festival are already for sale: the pass has a cost of 30€ and the day ticket is 20€, with early bird tickets being available for 25 and 15 euros, respectively.

The ticket which also gives access to the convention is priced at 60€, with early bird tickets being available for 50.

More information about the 7th edition of MIL is available on the festival site, at