Foreigners and emigrants who want to buy a house in Portugal are mainly looking to obtain housing loans in Lisbon, Faro and Porto, according to a report by idealista.

“Lisbon represents most of the total requests, with 18.9%, followed by Faro and Porto, with 13.9% and 13.1%, respectively, according to the idealista/creditohabitação report.

Looking at Portugal as a whole, it can be seen that the number of mortgage loan applications decreases as we travel inland. In fact, in several inland districts, such as Bragança, Guarda, Portalegre, Évora and Vila Real, the number of requests is less than 1%.

It is in Lisbon, Faro and Porto that non-resident citizens want to buy houses at higher prices (between 234,000 euros in Porto and 267,000 in the capital) - not least because houses are also more expensive here. And it is also in these districts that there are requests for higher-value housing credits (between 172 thousand and 188 thousand). On the other hand, it is in Castelo Branco that applications are made to buy houses at more affordable prices (74 thousand euros) and bank loans are of lesser value (53 thousand euros).