Going into its third edition, the festival features street bands, food benches and DJ performances, along with more places to sit and more guest comfort, João Claro, of the Brew! Organisation, said in a press conference about the initiative.

Brands from all over the country will be on the premises, as well as international brands. This edition is expected to surpass 12 thousand guests along its three days of running.

The cup with which to take part in the festival costs three euros and serves as the ticket to the area, with each individual beer having a price varying “between two and four euros,” João Claro explained.

Despite being a festival dedicated to craft beer, there’s been an effort by the organisers to bring families to the event, with a babysitting service being assured by the Exploratorium.

Among the novelties in this edition are two craft beer ice cream flavours, created in partnership between a local brewery and ice cream shop.

José Manuel Silva, mayor of Coimbra, thinks this festival is “growing more and more, each time having more impact and relevance.”

The politician has assumed the municipality’s promise to continue “financing, caring for and feeding” the event within their means.

“It’s a fair, but it’s also an economic and cultural fair, it’s important for the region’s economic dynamism and affirms Coimbra’s brewing tradition,” he surmised.

Coimbra council is supporting the festival with 15 thousand euros.