According to the Instituto Português do Mar e of the Atmosphere, the orange warning for Santarém, Setúbal, Lisbon, Leiria, Castelo Branco, Coimbra and Portalegre is in force between 09:00 and 21:00 today due to the forecast of showers, sometimes heavy, and occasionally hail, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, in addition to frequent and scattered thunderstorms.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) also issued a yellow warning for 11 other Portuguese districts due to the forecast of heavy showers and thunderstorms.

Bragança, Viseu, Évora, Porto, Guarda, Faro, Vila Real, Viana do Castelo, Beja, Aveiro and Braga will be under yellow warning between 09:00 and 21:00 for the most part, ending at 18:00 in districts of Beja, Faro and Évora.

On Saturday, Civil Protection appealed to the population to take preventive measures in view of the change in the weather, from the interior to the coast, with precipitation forecast, sometimes heavy, accompanied by hail, thunderstorms and gusts of wind.