Friend and companion of St. Bernardine of Siena, at age 26 was Governor of Perugia. He married, but later changed his life and obtained a dispensation to join the Friars Minor, which he did in 1416, studying under St. Bernardine and then being ordained a priest. St. John Capistrano became a great preacher who, together with other Franciscans, revived the Faith in central European countries.

He healed the Order of St. Francis of its dissensions over the interpretation of the Rule of St. Francis. He preached a crusade for the defense of Europe and personally led an army at Belgrade where, with General John Junyadi, he defeated the Turks in a great victory in 1456. The failure of the Turks to capture Belgrade during the ensuing siege saved Europe from being overrun by the Turks. He died a little later, and his tomb graced the town of Villach in Hungary.