The standardised European Disability Card will serve to guarantee equal treatment - such as free and/or priority access, reduced fares or personal assistance - when beneficiaries visit other Member States, serving as proof of disability status in all EU countries.

The new parking card, according to a press release, “will allow people with disabilities to access the same parking rights available in another Member State”.

This parking card will have a common mandatory format, which will replace national parking cards for people with disabilities, and will be recognised across the EU.

The directive presented stipulates that Member States must provide cards in both physical and digital versions, make the conditions and rules for issuing or withdrawing cards available to the public and ensure that service providers provide information on special conditions and preferential treatment for people with disabilities, in an accessible format.

Each Member State must designate a competent authority to supervise the issuance, renewal and withdrawal of both cards, in accordance with their respective national rules and practices.

The proposal will have to be approved by the EU Council and the European Parliament.