In a statement, the Association of Portuguese Travel Bloggers (ABVP) said that the festival will be attended by Torbjørn C. Pedersen, the "modern Viking" as the Dane calls himself, who, throughout his adventure, faced the pandemic, wars, bureaucracy, political crises and climate change.

"Once Upon a Saga: visiting every country in the world without flying" will be the anchor theme of Thor's talk, which takes place on September 24th, at 3:50 pm.

Travel Fest also features the presence of North American JoAnna Haugen, with a talk on the mission of content creators and the role of each traveller in the search for a more sustainable world.

Quoted in the statement, the president of ABVP and author of the blog Alma de Viajante, highlights that while Thor "is a tremendous force of inspiration", JoAnna will "shake the waters".

"We all want, bloggers and travellers, to be part of the solution and not the problem when it comes to the planet's socio-environmental sustainability", she highlights.

The festival starts on September 22nd, the day on which participants will be able to visit some of the most emblematic buildings in the city of Guimarães for free.

In addition to the lectures, "other sources of inspiration" are planned, with experts from writing to photography, from video to 'drone' and from social causes to pure delight.

Tickets for Travel Fest are available on the ABVP website and cost 30 euros, giving access to two days of lectures and debates.