Klaytn (KLAY) is falling wedge pattern, but with its market cap of $370.5 million, it can soon initiate a recovery phase. Moreover, ApeCoin (APE) can soon pass its bearish conditions and initiate a bullish rally. Kangamoon (KANG) is projected for a massive 220% growth as it launches a kangaroo-oriented boxing game with earning elements.


● $0.20 is the next price target for Klaytn

● $2.32 will be the maximum value for ApeCoin in Q4, 2023

● Kangamoon can spike 220% during the presale and buy 350% at launch

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Klaytn (KLAY) To Recover from Downward Momentum and reach $0.20

The Klaytn (KLAY) cryptocurrency is trading at a downward momentum and is forming a falling wedge pattern. However, historically, when this happened, the crypto bounced back in value.

The 50 and 100-day EMA levels are above the Klaytn price, indicating that there could soon be a burst in the green direction. The Klaytn crypto saw its weekly low at $0.115, with its high point at $0.131. Based on these indicators, according to the Klaytn price prediction, many analysts are bullish on its future and project a climb to $0.20.

ApeCoin (APE) Bearish Trend

As the broader crypto market is undergoing a bearish trend, ApeCoin (APE) was another affected cryptocurrency. This DeFi crypto connected to The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) initially saw a surge and attracted a lot of investors. However, with the recent drop in activity of the NFT market, the ApeCoin crypto was affected negatively.

Based on the ApeCoin weekly price chart, it traded between $1.09 and $1.27. In addition, it has retained the 84th spot in terms of market cap and could soon see a price outbreak. According to analysts, the ApeCoin price prediction puts it at a value of $2.32 by the end of the year.

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Kangamoon (KANG) Dominates P2E

Aside from Klaytn and ApeCoin, another crypto is getting a lot of attention is Kangamoon. The project is a combination of memecoins and the P2E sector. Players take control of a Kangaroo through which they can do battles. They can also engage in tournaments.

Anyone can also earn rewards through winning matches or completing challenging quests. A 0% tax on buying and selling can help players maintain the most value.

The Kangamoon crypto follows the ERC-20 token standard. SOLIDProof and Cyberscope audited its smart contract. The main objective of this game is to connect meme coin enthusiasts and like-minded gamers and allow them to earn the most as they play.

The entry-level token price for the KANG crypto is $0.005. According to analysts, the project can drive the $176 billion games market and surge by 220% after the completion of the presale. At launch, the crypto can surge by 350%, providing massive ROI.

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