Taxback Following the controversy at RTÉ, a pre-Budget 2024 survey of taxpayers found that 21% of respondents believe public service broadcasting is not necessary.

One in ten people said the licence fee is too high, and 17% said they didn't think the money was used wisely.

The survey, according to Taxback's director Marian Ryan, captures public discontent following revelations of problems at RTÉ, “with most people calling for the TV licence fee to be scrapped and a significant number questioning if there is a need for public service broadcasting at all.”

“The public will not put up with revelations of covert pay agreements, the misuse and disregard of taxpayer and licence fee funds, or poor management at the national broadcaster, Ms Ryan predicted.”

It is understandable that so many people feel let down by the organisation because Irish people have looked to our national broadcaster to hold others accountable since it was first established.

She continued, “Recent months have seen a significant decline in the number of people purchasing or renewing their TV licence, and unless RTÉ can regain the confidence of the public, this trend could continue.”