“This proposal of ours is not a prohibitionist proposal. What we want is regularity. By reducing the places where it is possible to smoke, by reducing sales outlets and by equating tobacco [heated to traditional] we aim to protect children and young people”, said Margarida Tavares.

In a plenary debate discussing a change that aims to introduce new restrictions on the sale of tobacco and places where it is possible to smoke, Margarida Tavares was confronted by questions from the PSD and PCP about the impact that these changes will have on the industry, particularly on Madeira and the Azores, as well as what measures are underway to help those who smoke.

“This law stands out for being progressive and for even having transitional standards that allow the adaptation not only of society but also of commerce and industry”, she said, recalling the dates of the new law.

According to the proposed law, establishments that have their spaces adapted to current legislative procedures, the definitive elimination of smoking in closed areas will only come into force from 2030, allowing them to recover the investment made.

Before the ban on the sale of tobacco will be extended in places where smoking is prohibited and spaces where the installation of vending machines is allowed will be redefined.

“We give them time to adapt”, summarized the Secretary of State.