The Merry Mill, a gluten-free organic oats and food producer based in Vicarstown, Co. Laois, was chosen today as the best organic food processing small to medium-sized enterprise in the EU Organic Awards.

Kevin Scully, a farmer, and the company’s CEO founded the family-run business in 2015.

Their farm is where they cultivate, gather, mill, and package their gluten-free organic goods for export to other countries, including Ireland.

There are eight winners in this year's EU Organic Awards, including The Merry Mill.

Other winners included organic farmers in Greece and Spain, an Austrian restaurant, and a German retailer.

The EU Organic Awards are a showcase and recognition programme for innovative organic farmers and businesses throughout Europe, organised by the EU institutions.

“It is fantastic to see an Irish organic business like the Merry Mill winning such a prestigious EU Organic Award,” said Gillian Westbrook, CEO of the Irish Organic Association.

“Over the past few years, Kevin and his family, who are both Irish Organic Association members, have put a lot of effort into creating a variety of organic oat products, from gluten-free porridge to flour sold both domestically and abroad.”

“At a time when Ireland's brand needs to expand and strengthen its organic market offerings both domestically and internationally, the award also helps to strengthen the reputation of high-quality Irish organic products.”