We will highlight the latest development of knowledge and innovation related to the Ocean and Marine sciences with the CiiMAR, an interdisciplinary centre for marine & environmental research, based in Matosinhos.

We will show the synergies which exist between Portugal and Ireland in enabling the successful harnessing of offshore wind energy and how we can develop partnerships between the two countries, which we, the IPBN, will be pushing for.

We will highlight the position and aspiration of the Ports of Leixões, Viana do Castelo and the Douro Navigable Route in the overall Maritime Transportation industry in Portugal and in the EU and Global competition.

Join us Wednesday, October 25 to take action to Save the Ocean and create a sustainable blue economy.

We are delighted to partner for this conference with CM de Matosinhos, the Porto Business School, CiiMAR and all our Executive partners PwC Portugal, Ardanis, Skanstec Engineering, Konceptness, Brookes Property Group and The Portugal News.

You will find the full programme here where you can register. The conference is open to IPBN members and non-members and is free of charge.