The passenger who reported it to the PSP security division at Lisbon airport revealed that "moments after he entered a taxi vehicle he noticed that the taxi meter was off", says the authority in a statement reported by Notícias ao Minuto.

After realising this, the passenger "asked the driver to activate the respective device", but without the driver responding to his request, he decided to leave the vehicle.

The driver was apprehended at the airport's taxi vehicle park, where he was waiting for new passenger pickups. "When asked about the situation, he did not confirm what happened", says the PSP.

However, after inspecting the taxi vehicle, as well as its driver, the agents verified that he was operating with a Taxi Driver Certificate, with a different name and number that "did not match the identification provided by the driver".

The suspect claimed to hold a taxi driver certificate, however he did not provide proof of its existence, which is why his arrest was carried out.