The Council of Ministers has approved the authorisation of expenditure for the construction of the metro line that will connect the municipalities of Loures and Odivelas to the surface (Violet Line), representing a total investment of 527.3 million euros.

The Violet line will be a light surface metro system that will have a total of 17 stations and will be approximately 11.5 kilometres long.

In the municipality of Loures, nine stations will be built that will serve the parishes of Loures, Santo António dos Cavaleiros and Frielas, over a length of 6.4 kilometres.

In the neighbouring municipality of Odivelas, eight stations will be built to serve the parishes of Póvoa de Santo Adrião and Olival de Basto, Odivelas, Ramada and Caneças, over a total length of 5.1 kilometres.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, supervised by Duarte Cordeiro, the financing of the future Violeta line will be done through the Recovery and Resilience Plan (390 million), in the form of loans and funds from the State Budget ( 137.3 million euros).

The financing model for this line was a source of disagreement between the Government and the councils of Loures and Odivelas, in the Lisbon district, as the authority wanted the municipalities to assume part of the investment.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the president of Loures City Council, Ricardo Leão (PS), welcomed this Government decision, stressing that "the conditions are met for the work to move forward".