The longest trail running event in Portugal, with a duration limit of 72 hours, begins next to the Guadiana river, in Alcoutim, at 4:30 pm on Thursday, and ends on Sunday, at 4:30 pm, in Sagres in the municipality of Vila do Bispo.

The route crosses the municipalities of Alcoutim, Castro Marim, Tavira, São Brás de Alportel, Loulé, Silves, Monchique, Lagos and Vila do Bispo.

Bruno Rodrigues, from Algarve Trail Running, the organising entity of ALUT, told Lusa that 94 solo athletes and 20 team athletes are registered in this year's edition.

The race can be followed at specific points along the route or through the ALUT platform, “since the athletes have a geolocator, which allows the public at home to know where the athletes are” and what is happening.

“As it is an open route, people can meet the athletes anywhere, they cannot provide assistance, but they can go and see them passing, for example, in Algarve villages or at intersections”, he pointed out.