According to Jornal Economico, both options for the new Lisbon Airport cost more than 9 billion euros, according to the Independent Technical Commission (CTI) with Alcochete costing 9.9 billion euros and Vendas Novas at 9.7 billion.

The two most expensive are also those chosen by CTI as the two best locations, with Campo de Tiro de Alcochete leading the way.

Next is the Santarém option, which also has a value above 9 billion euros at 9.55 billion. The option for a hub in Montijo would cost 8 billion euros.

In the case of the dual options, the most expensive would be Lisbon airport and Alcochete at 8.2 billion euros.

This is followed by Lisbon and Vendas Novas at 8.1 billion and Lisbon and Santarém 8.1 billion.

Finally, the option that would be most affordable is Lisbon and Montijo at 3.8 billion euros. However, CTI highlights that this option would be saturated in 2038, which would require a new airport construction process in the medium term.

CTI also looked into the number of years it would take to complete the first runway.

The Lisbon and Montijo option would be the fastest as they affirmed it would take six years for the first runway to be made available. The Lisbon + Alcochete option follows with seven years.

The Alcochete option would take eight years, with the Santarém option taking eight years.

Finally, three options would take a total of nine years each: Montijo and Lisbon, Lisbon and Vendas Novas.

Analysing the critical decision factors, Alcochete leads in several ways from aeronautical safety (Alcochete and Vendas Novas), accessibility and territory to Lisbon and Montijo and Lisboa and Alcochete.

Additionally, for human health and environmental viability: Vendas Novas, Alcochete lead the way; in connectivity and economic development: Lisbon and Alcochete, Lisbon and Vendas Novas/Lisbon and Santarém and the best option in terms of public investment and financing goes to Lisbon and Alcochete, Lisbon and Vendas Novas/Lisbon and Santarém.

Comparing the two options that were best classified in the evaluation, the CTI points out that both the Alcochete Shooting Range and Vendas Novas are “two options with equivalent merit from an airport and aeronautical point of view, without major restrictions from an aeronautical point of view”.

Alcochete “is public land and does not require expropriations”, while in Vendas Novas the land is private, expropriations would be necessary and the Alcochete Shooting Range would have to be closed as it could not be operational with flights in Vendas Novas.

“It is not possible to have air operations in Vendas Novas and maintain the Alcochete Shooting Field,” said Professor Rosário Macário, one of the members of the CTI, during the presentation of the conclusions of the group of independent experts.

Regarding the rejection of Montijo, he pointed out that the airport would be saturated in 2038, forcing the search for a new airport solution in the medium term.

In the case of Santarém, he pointed out that the existence of military areas on the west side of this option is a difficult issue to resolve, apart from the distance from Lisbon.

“On the west side, there is a large block, Monte Real, where NATO military exercises are held. The approach and take-off areas will enter the Monte Real block zone. It is not viable from a safety point of view, it is a big risk to have planes in the airspace at completely different speeds”, the expert explained.

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