The east of Kildare facility will be operational for 40 years and able to export up to 210 megawatts of electricity at its peak.

The Construction Information Services database indicates that the project has an estimated construction value of €197 million.

Dublin-based Delamain Solar Farm Limited, which was founded last year, is developing the facility.

The townlands of Brannockstown, Brownstown, Carnalway, Coghlanstown West, Corbally, Delamain, Dunnstown, Gaganstown, Greenhills, Harristown, Hillsborough, Moorhill, and Rochestown will be home to the approximately 246 hectare solar farm.

The 1,130,000 square metre solar photovoltaic panels on ground-mounted frames will make up the solar farm.

Four one-story spare parts containers and forty one-story electrical inverter/transformer stations are also included in the plans.

Weather stations, underground electrical ducting, and cabling are all included in the designs.

Included are landscaping, temporary construction compounds, CCTV, security fencing, and access tracks.

Access points for construction and operations will be available via local routes such as the R412, R413, L6044, L6047, and L6063.

Although there are protected structures on Harristown House land where a portion of the development is located, no work is planned on these structures.