A motion on the item was brought to the council by the Independent Group, Sinn Féin, Social Democrats, People before Profit, and many individual councillors. The motion has been approved.

At the monthly council meeting on Tuesday night, there was unanimous agreement to fly the flag.

Although the resolution supporting the raising of the Palestinian flag received a majority vote, the Independent Group's comparable proposal from last month was lost. Because too many council members chose not to vote, the quota was not met.

It is now more crucial than ever to demonstrate public solidarity for the people of Gaza, as the criminal Israeli state has resumed its homicidal assault of the Gaza Strip. Cllr Cieran Perry, the head of the Independent Group, expressed his satisfaction at this development.

Since the start of the indiscriminate strikes, more than 15,000 Palestinians have died in Gaza, with more than 6,000 of them being children.

There must be an end to this carnage. Cllr. Perry stated, “We reaffirm our request for the quick cessation of hostilities and the delivery of humanitarian relief to Gaza.

Cllr. Noeleen Reilly echoed him when she stated that it is “unforgivable” that innocent people are being bopped in Gaza. The backing of the proposal.

“Those who do not demand an instant cease-fire will go down in history as wrongdoers. The Palestinian flag flying will demonstrate our distaste for the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Gaza's population by Israel.

After 50 years of Israeli occupation in the West Bank, the decision to demonstrate solidarity for the Palestinian people was made in 2017. This will be the second time the Palestinian flag has flown in City Hall.

However, former justice minister Alan Shatter and Israeli ambassador Ze'ev Boker criticised the judgement.

Once more, Mr. Shatter has taken to Twitter to attack the council for having “abandoned the pretence” and “supported Hamas" in relation to the decision to fly the Palestinian flag over City Hall.