At the end of October, it was announced that DJ Ride had won in the Party Rocking category and that the prize would be awarded during the final of the DJ World Championship 2023, scheduled for 2 December in Krakow, Poland, in which they would be played at live the Show and Technique categories.

According to DJ Ride's management, in a statement released today, “taking advantage of the fact that it is already present in Krakow, […] Ride decided to challenge itself, also participating in the Technical Category, which is the oldest and of this competition, in which DJs from all over the world participate, and in which you can only participate in person”.

In the final of the competition, DJ Ride competed with the Japanese DJ Nollie and thus added two world titles won solo to the two he had already won in the same championship, in 2011 and 2016, in the Show category, together with Stereossauro, with the duo Beatbombers.

DJ Ride is the artistic name of DJ, producer and sound engineer Oliveiros Tomás Oliveira, from Caldas da Rainha, one of the most praised and respected names in the Portuguese hip-hop universe.

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