On International Women's Day, March 8, 2024, the voting will be held.

A vote was authorised to change Article 41.1.1, which defines the family as “whether founded on marriage or on other durable relationships," from its existing recognition as "the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society.”

The present recognition included in Article 41.2, which states that a woman “gives to the State a support by her life within the home, without which the common good cannot be achieved,” will be removed.

The text would be substituted with the following: “The State acknowledges that caregiving by family members to one another due to their ties to one another provides a support to Society that is necessary for the achievement of the Common Good and shall endeavour to support such provision.”

Speaking to reporters at Dublin's Government Buildings, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar admitted that the referendums had not moved forward quickly.

He remarked, “I know there has been some criticism for the fact that we haven't moved more quickly. However, constitutional amendments shouldn't be considered hastily or lightly.”

Mr. Varadkar clarified that votes on two of the suggested modifications will be held by the government, but not on the third.

“Our Constitution will continue to explicitly protect the institution of marriage and the family in relation to it,” he declared.

However, the language we're suggesting takes into account the possibility that families might also be built on enduring bonds other than marriage. As an illustration, the family led by a single parent, or the family headed by a grandparent or guardian.

“We all know individuals who, although not being married, are devoted to one another in a loving relationship for an extended length of time. One way to conceptualise the present constitutional protections for families is as a canopy or shield that guards against outside or governmental interference. The protection is limited to married families as specified.”

“With our ideas, we're putting other committed partnerships on a same basis with married couples and expanding this constitutional sanctuary to them. The idea will guarantee that the constitution represents good, inclusive goals and allow it to catch up with modern realities.”