According to HALO, the investment comes after the business grew quickly due to the demand for its goods.

The funds will be utilised to support the company's growth and the development of its teams in the US and Europe.

The money will also go towards supporting ongoing investments in developing software and hardware platforms, with an emphasis on releasing fresh capabilities related to analytics and artificial intelligence.

With locations in Austin, Texas, Belfast, Dublin, and 14 other countries, HALO services over 700 clients through its network of partners.

The firm offers cloud-based digital asset management solutions and bodycams that are subscription-based.

HD video and audio footage is recorded by the bodycams and is live broadcast to a cloud platform. Videos may be shared, changed, and searched once they are posted. They are available in real-time.

Law enforcement organisations, private security firms, retailers, transportation businesses, and healthcare facilities all employ this technology.

"We started HALO with a mission to fundamentally transform the safety and security sector and provide innovative technology that safeguards lives and businesses," Fiona Shanley, CEO of HALO, stated.

“Various social and economic realities have escalated demand for effective and reliable security solutions that maximise tech budgets and most importantly, protect people.”

“We will be able to scale globally with this investment,” Ms. Shanley continued.